Saturday, February 18, 2012

First time at the arcade!

Our local adoption group meets at a different family-friendly location once a month, where we get to try something new, as well as hang out with our friends. The arcade was fun, but it was loud and crowded, so the adults didn't get quite was much socializing time as usual. On the way out the door, I grabbed my pouch sling, just in case. Journey usually rides on my back in the sling (she calls it 'ride mommy' haha!) while I'm cleaning up before, and while I make dinner, and sometimes mid morning when I'm cleaning and she would rather cuddle with me than go play. We don't usually take it out of the house because she likes to walk around and we rarely need it, but for some reason I grabbed it. And I was glad I did!

It was dim, which usually makes it hard for Journey to see, and with all the flashing lights all over, she was totally overwhelmed. I put her in the sling on my front and figured she'd warm up eventually, but she never did. She didn't want to ride anything, or touch anything, or talk to anyone, poor baby!

Jeb and Vivi loved all the little kid rides, so much that we just let them run around and sit in them for awhile before we showed them that they move if you put a quarter in them!

Driving a train, of course!

The only picture we got of Journey, who was brave enough to touch a ball for a couple of minutes. I think that's a pig behind me? I didn't even notice it at the time, the arcade was full of stuff like that!

This game was great, it was a 'play till you win', and the crane picked up candy on the first try for both kids.

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