Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christmas, take 2-Christmas morning

We had a great Christmas today! My parents, sister and brother-in-law came over and the kids played with their Santa toys, then we had a yummy brunch of bagels and lox with all the fixings and fruit salad (and pancakes for the kids-their favorite!) and then we went back to exchanging gifts. We sort of forgot to take pictures of the adults but we got good gifts too-I finally got a new waffle maker so I can have waffles again! Our old one broke a few months ago and a waffle maker is pretty low on the list of things to spend money on. Eric got a cast iron pot that we can use on our wood stove. I guess one of the things on top can be used for cooking, maybe if we see winter again this season we can make soup and eat it in front of the fire!

I have tons of good pictures of the kids, so many that instead of posting them here I made a web album. You can see the pictures in the slideshow below, or if you want to look at them at your own pace (and bigger pictures with captions) you can click here.

It was a very merry Christmas, and worth the wait!

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