Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jenavieve this month

Jenavieve is growing and learning so fast lately! Here are some things about Jenavieve that you may or may not know:

She loves to eat! She will eat just about anything, especially if someone else is eating it. She loves sweets, but also loves fruits and veggies. She's a very well-rounded eater so far...let's hope it stays that way!

She loves animals. On this day, she was tasting the treats before (and during) sharing them with the dogs.

She loves to dress up-the more stuff, the better! The other day she took one of her little rubber hair bands, looped it over her thumb, and walked slowly toward me, staring at her thumb held out in front of her, like it was the most beautiful ring she'd ever worn. She looked so proud to be wearing something so beautiful :)

She loves to explore. She likes to see what happens when she squishes things or drops them in water, and lately her experiments have become more involved. in this picture, she took the peas from her plate, dropped them in her water, poured the cup out onto her plate, splashed the water a little, and then ate all the peas. All for the love of learning!

She loves her friends. Whenever there are kids playing, she wants to be right in the middle of it. This is Vivi with her friend Vivi (short for Viviana) at Chuck E. Cheese.

She loves to play! She's really into hiding games, in this picture she was hiding in the tunnel, and when we pulled it off of her she would give us her sneaky grin, then shriek and dive back in. When she didn't see us peeking in the top, she was just sitting there, smiling, enjoying being hidden.

I don't know many kids her age that will sit still while getting her fingernails AND toenails painted, but this kid brings me the nail polish and sits and watches while I paint. Today was the first time I painted her fingernails since she puts her fingers in her mouth a lot, but she always checks out the big girls when they have their nails painted, so after I did her toes, she handed me the bottle and stuck out her hands. We'll see how long it stays on...
Click on this picture to make it bigger, it really shows the true color of her eyes, which is hard to capture in a picture

She has become quite the little girly girl. Besides the jewelry and nail polish, she also likes lip gloss, fragrance spray, and lotion. Lotion has been a part of her daily routine since she was born, but now she'll bring me the lotion and ask to have it put on. She can even rub it in by herself!

She can point to many of her body parts as well as following other simple directions such as "put that back" "throw it away" "sit down" "show me" "give so-and-so a hug" "jump" and others I can't think of. She also knows the names of many of her toys, and if we ask her where something is, she'll go get it. She loves her baby dolls, Elmo, and Bob and Larry from VeggieTales. She's also saved the day many a time by remembering the last place she had her pacifier when we can't find it!

She doesn't say too many words clearly yet, she says dada and mama, dog, duck, moon, star, chalk, yellow, and green, although she doesn't seem to associate the actual colors to their words, she just says them when I do. She can make the animal sounds of a dog, cat, duck, and any animal that growls. She's working on saying grandma, grandpa, and Janelle, and has other words that mostly sound like "deh" but will also point at what she means. For instance, she's discovered airplanes, so when she hears one, she'll say "deh!" and point up to the sky while trying to see it.

She now has 11 teeth and is working on at least one more that we can see. The 4 front teeth on top and bottom, 2 molars on top, and one on the bottom. The molars seem so big in her little mouth, and look so painful as they come through!

So that's pretty much Jenavieve this month :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


My little artist made me a beautiful picture...on the wall. For some reason I didn't think this would happen for a couple more years.

Is it wrong that I saw her doing it and went to get the camera before I stopped her? I just love capturing that 'busted' look ;)