Sunday, November 9, 2014

Our paint colors

A few people have asked to see the colors we picked for upstairs. Since it's brand new construction, we're getting all the painting done right away so we don't have to tape around anything or be careful if we spill!

The girls each wanted their favorite colors, which are all different. So we found a good way to compromise, I told them this is Elsa from Frozen paint. It's actually Behr Key Largo :)
You'd think with Jeb being the only one to choose the room color that it would have been easier to make the decision, but no. Eric took the girls to feel the carpet samples while Jeb and I went through every shade of blue, green, brown, gray, yellow, back to blue, and finally he chose this green... it's a little dark but the room is big with lots of windows so hopefully it will turn out.
Behr Herb Cornucopia
The play room, Behr Dandelion Wish
The kids bathroom. When we were at the tile shop they had a sample bathroom with a similar blue and it looked so pretty! This is Behr Balboa
Our bedroom-going for something different!
Master bathroom

Hallways, Behr Hayloft
And the downstairs front room needs to be repainted because the walls got torn up during construction. It's just a little darker than the hallways, I think it's a nice segue coming out from the bright orangey kitchen and dining room.
Behr Harvest Home

An update on our craziness!

Oy, it's November already! We have been nonstop over here. The house addition is almost done and we're really happy with the results:

The inside still needs flooring, lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling, and the big job that we're in charge of-painting! But it's really coming along!

Jeb is trucking along in his 3rd grade curriculum, and is enjoying his weekly tennis class and his Awana class at church. He got a Toys R Us coupon for his birthday, giving him just enough money to buy a Super Mario video game. It challenges him, and he's really enjoying it. He is also doing a typing program on the computer that he's doing well with. He still loves to read, and has really been enjoying the chapter books with this curriculum. He loves Beverly Cleary books, and read his first Wayside School book a few weeks ago, which was one of my favorites at his age. It has been fun to relive our favorite books through him, and to hear him laugh at the same parts that made us laugh.

Vivi is doing great at school, although it tires her out! She takes ballet and tap/jazz with Journey, and is joined in the ballet class by their cousin Iris. She's starting to come out of her shell, which is what we were hoping for with the school experience. She's gaining confidence, making friends, and learning some fun new things. One of the biggest accomplishments is learning to write letters, something she has been struggling with!

Journey is such an eager beaver when it comes to schoolwork! She really wants to read and write, and she's making lots of progress in both. She was a little lost for a couple of weeks when Vivi started school, but she's bounced back and she and Jubilee have developed some good imagination games. She is loving her dance classes, and her Awana class at church.

Jubilee! I'm so annoyed that I can't share her pictures yet, she's so cute and she's doing amazing! We will finalize on November 25th, so we're getting there! She'll be 3 on Wednesday, and she is starting to use a lot more words-some that others can understand too! She has 45 minutes of speech therapy and 45 minutes of occupational therapy every week, and we're seeing big strides in her speech and in her strength and motor skills. She's doing much better at chewing too, I don't have to purée everything anymore!

And #5, or if we're going in age order, #1? Sweet 'Ivey'! Not much to report, we're in the middle of paperwork and home study visits and fundraising to hopefully go get her this summer.

Eric is still working at home and teaching at the college 2 nights a week. And I'm loving my life as resident cook and chauffer. Things are busy and crazy and messy, but this is what I've always wanted and I'm unbelievably blessed :)