Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Tooth Day!

On February 28th, Jeb lost his first tooth! Slightly traumatic, but he was really excited about his Tooth Day celebration! We don't do the visiting magical creatures thing, so no tooth fairy at our house-and we didn't want to do gifts for something that just happens whether we celebrate it or not-so I set out to find our own tradition for this coming of age moment. It was harder to find than I thought-I figured there would be other things to do, but unless we wanted to throw the tooth on the roof like some cultures do, it was slim pickins to find an alternative to the tooth fairy. So, I improvised! Since he lost the tooth just before bed time, I gave him an 'I lost a tooth!' sticker that night, and then the next day we had his Tooth Day celebration.

 We started with tooth shaped pancakes

Followed by watching this VeggieTales song a few times and singing Happy Tooth Day to Jeb (if you watch it, it will get stuck in your head!)

Then we played a tooth game-pin the tooth on the mouth!

You never know when you attempt to create a new tradition if it is going to stick, but this was so simple, yet so fun for the whole family that I think it's a keeper!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Recap

With the weather being so cold, we've been getting creative with some fun indoor activities!

The girls had a reading party with their dolls
 Vivi mastered a major skill-folding socks! Her fine motor skills are way behind, so this was a big deal! We had to silently shush big brother from across the room when he tried to point out that her first pair of folded socks don't actually match, but since then she's been matching and folding her own socks with such pride :)
 The weather was finally (briefly) warm enough to make good packing snow, and Jeb made his first snowman of the year

 And in a big finish to the month, Jeb lost his first tooth on the 28th! It was a little bit traumatic even though it just popped right out-that was the best smile I could get out of him. I had to promise he could keep his tooth, and that I'd take a picture and he could keep the picture.  :)