Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Just a little update on Sam...she's 22 weeks pregnant now and in the last two weeks has just gotten soo big! He's moving around and kicking and growing like crazy. So I just thought I'd share.
We're having a lot of fun planning for my very first nephew. Baby boy clothes are oh so cute!
The kids I nanny for are FINALLY getting better after a couple of weeks of being really sick. Kaylee had a bad cold and an ear infection, and David had a bad cold that turned into pneumonia. I survived that week...I've been taking vitamins and sucking down Airborne...but this week I'm getting stuffy and my throat is sore so I'm afraid I may be getting sick now.
Only 6 more Montessori weekends to go! I'm coming home early for this coming weekend because my Grandma Ruth will be in from Florida and we're doing a bunch of family stuff.

Ikea is Awesome

We bought a table and chairs last week! I know we have to stop buying this so we still have stuff to register for but certain things we fell in love with, like this table and chairs and they ran out of tables at the Michigan store so we had to send Eric's wonderful Aunt Chris and Uncle Howard in Pennsylvania to their store to pick it up for us. So we decided not to wait on the chairs either, just in case. We close on the house in 17 weeks!!! I'm getting very excited...even though I don't get to move in until after the will be nice to have a home, and to be able to put our stuff in it, instead of taking over my room, the spare bedroom, Janelle's bedroom, and a good portion of the basement. (it has been wonderful to get gifts from our registry for our birthdays, Hanukkah, and Christmas, but we didn't think about having to store everything until after the holidays when we had piles of appliances, house decorations, and towels all over the place.)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

A break in the action

Now that the holiday craziness is completely over, and the wedding is less than 6 months away, its time to really buckle down and get planning. We're also planning for Sam's baby who is due in just about 20 weeks now. I got to go with her to her ultrasound on Thursday, it was so amazing, we got to see the heart beating and the bones moving and...its a boy!!! The ultrasound lady said he weighs about 3/4 of a pound and about 7-8 inches long. We finally had to go yesterday to get her some maternity pants, luckily they make cute maternity clothes these days. We're getting really excited!

Saturday, January 6, 2007

I survived!

The Fall semseter is over and I survived! I got an A in both of my OCC classes bringing my GPA up to a 3.864 =) At Walsh I got an A in the Process Reengineering class and a B+ in the online Information System Security Class bring my GPA to a 3.75 which got me on the President's List (kind of like the honor roll)!. Things are going great though, next semester I am expecting to be taking Professional Communication online and Interpersonal Communication on Friday night. The Professional Communication class is just to transfer to Walsh but the Interpersonal Communication class is the 2nd to last class for my CIS degree at OCC =) All I will have left is Data Structures which I would have taken in the Winter but it conflicted with a class at Walsh. As for Walsh I am hopefully going to be taking Business IT Architecture on Tuesday night and Software Engineering I on Wednesday night. I havn't heard if the Friday night class has enough people to run at OCC yet and the BIT Architecture class only has 5 people enrolled so far so I am not sure if Walsh will run it or not.

Work is going great as well, we are just finishing up the busy time between semesters and are hoping for a smooth Winter semester start.

Thats all for now, I'll drop by later and update when I know about my classes next week.

Good news

Things are going great, I got approved for a mortgage and the guy went and checked out the complex and said he was impressed! Only 20 more weeks until we close!