Friday, February 28, 2014

Valentine's Day

How cute are my little valentines? Very soon there will be a 4th adorable face in that bunch, how will I stand all the cuteness??

The beginning of our Valentine's day was spent at the homeschool hub. The winter semester finally started after a snow day delayed it a week. Jeb is taking an acting class and a very cool science class, and the girls are taking a music/dancing/acting class and a literature/craft class. They are really enjoying their classes so far. 

We were going to have a very low key Valentine's day, Eric had just finished working for the day, the kids had had a late lunch, so we were going to run to Target. But Vivi had other plans-she wanted Nana and Bapa to watch the kids so we could have some mommy and daddy time-which was her way of saying she wanted some Nana and Bapa time. She has just started being ok with us leaving her with them, so if she's volunteering for us to leave her, we try to do it! Of course my parents were happy to watch the kids, and Eric and I had an impromptu date at Target...where we bought some birthday presents for Journey, some things for the home school room, and Eric needed more deodorant. Hot date, right? 

The next day was our planned Valentine's Day out, my parents had already planned on watching the kids, and Eric and I went to Red Lobster for dinner. The first time we were both at a restaurant with no kids in 5 years...since before Vivi was born! And with Jubilee coming home soon, it was also the last, so we had to make it count. We ordered way too much food! All the good stuff-fried calamari, snow crab legs, Eric got a pasta dish with scallops and shrimp, and I got lobster tails. We were stuffed! Then we walked around the mall for a little while before going to pick up our kiddos. Maybe not the most romantic date, but it was absolutely perfect for us <3

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hopefully this post works-January recap

Since replacing our trusty old computer, I feel like I'm constantly fighting with the new computer to let me blog! Sometimes it won't even let me begin, and other times I have a bunch of pictures and a few paragraphs written and then it decides to quit on me. So frustrating!

There hasn't really been much to blog about-most of January was spent cooped up inside and I took very few pictures. Here are the only share-worthy pictures I took:

One day that it wasn't too cold, they got to spend a few minutes helping daddy shovel
 And then gathered some fresh snow to eat with maple syrup
 We celebrated 'Happy Jebby Day', Jeb's 2 year anniversary of being an American and member of our home. As usual, we celebrated with a big Ethiopian feast-his favorite!
 And just a cute one of Eric and the girls wearing their babies in slings. I'm not sure why Journey's glasses are off but Vivi is wearing glasses haha!