Thursday, March 27, 2008


As many of you know I love shopping at our local Hiller's, they have the best selection of produce anywhere, and a lot of other things you can't find anywhere else. I was SO excited that we bought a house so close to Hiller's!

When I was there yesterday picking up some things for dinner, I had a question at the u-scan about the kind of potatoes I was buying. The cashier seemed kind of rude, but I brushed it of as maybe just being her tone of voice. Then, as I was checking out, there was an elderly woman who didn't speak much English who was having trouble with the machine, and the cashier got really frustrated with her and started yelling at her! I was shocked! Nobody deserves to be treated like that, especially not the elderly or language impaired. If you don't want to deal with people that don't speak English, don't get a job at Hiller's!

Anyway, I couldn't believe this lady, so I finished checking out, and went right over to customer service to let them know. They didn't have me fill anything out or anything, so to make sure something was done, I went home and went on the website. I sent out an email describing exactly what happened and how upset I was, and within a couple of hours, I got an email back from Jim Hiller himself! He apologized, and had already taken care of the situation and suspended the woman who acted so egregiously. 

I was very impressed with the swift and personal care he took, it was so different from when I complained about an employee at Target, when I got just a "thanks, we'll look into it" email the next day. These are the kinds of stores we should be supporting!

What's Cookin'?

We've been making some good stuff in the last few weeks! We've tried a few new recipes, all of which have been very good! I found a new favorite cook book at our library, called The 5:30 Challenge. The idea is that it is recipes with 5 ingredients, that takes 30 minutes. There are a lot of great recipes in the book, a few that don't sound too appealing, but a lot of  good ideas.

One dish, which I adapted a little, (Lemon Caper Chicken in my recipe blog) has become my new favorite, and we have made it twice in the last week! I'm going to have to start making bigger batches, because there are never enough leftovers. 

Today, I made egg rolls for the first time, it was so cool! It was easier and faster than I expected it to be, and they tasted sooo good! 

Check them all out here

Monday, March 17, 2008

Something new to try


If you haven't had a French Vanilla waffle, you haven't lived! They caught my eye in the store yesterday and I wanted to try it (toaster waffles are a guilty pleasure of mine) and they are soooo good! They're sweet and taste a little bit like cake, only hot and crispy. Mmm!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Breaking the house...

We've had our first major incident in the house. A few days ago, Eric was washing out the cat bowl in the bathroom, and it slipped out of his hands into the sink. He didn't see anything right away, but yesterday I was rinsing out a washcloth with hot water, and the sink cracked. It was leaking so we called my dad, and he came over last night and helped us measure and figure it all out, and, 2 trips to Home Depot later and a day later, we have a new sink! I'd take a picture, but it looks exactly the same as our old sink, so its not very exciting. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I did it!

Or, I should say, Sam did it! We both got brave enough to try something new with my hair. She did a great job, it looks very professional, and I've been getting compliments every where I go. Its a weird feeling, its the shortest my hair has ever been, since I was a toddler! I'm still trying to pull my hair out when I put on a shirt or my coat, and it feels weird that there isn't any hair to pull out. I like it though, so far it seems pretty easy...I'm about to take my first short haired shower, it will probably look weird when it dries because my hair is so curly, this is most likely going to be a straight only style. 

Thats about it...if you ever need a cute haircut, go to Claudia's Salon!

And you think we're crazy...

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