Monday, December 31, 2007

da bird

We heard about 'da bird' from a lady at a cat show. She told us how crazy her cats went for it, and we checked out the website, but thought $10 was a lot for a couple of feathers on a string. But, the Petco in West Oaks is closing and everything was on sale. We got 'da bird' for $7 (still a lot but I was curious) and brought it home. We had barely gotten it out of the package and they went CRAZY! It kind of spins so it looks like a bird flying around, which we all know they love. I had read before that bengals can jump higher than most cat breeds, and we discovered today that this is very true!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas, part 1

We decided to have our own little Christmas yesterday. Eric had the day off and I got out of work early and we realized that if we waited to exchange our gifts until the actual Christmas day, we would have to abandon them for all of the family things we have to attend, and Eric has to go back to work the next day (this working for hospitals thing is a lot different than working for a college like he used to) so we wouldn't really have time to spend playing with our new toys. So yesterday when I got home from work, we shut off our phones,  I put my pajamas back on, we made some tea, and exchanged gifts. It was really fun! Eric got me: some new socks, raspberries, swiss cake rolls, a pomegranate, lounge pants and a hoodie from Pink, pajamas with matching slippers from Victoria's Secret, and, a LAPTOP!!!! Its so cute, I also got a printer/scanner/copier to go with it, and a cute pink case to keep it in. Its a MacBook, neither of us have ever had a Mac before so we have a lot of learning to do. Luckily, Eric also got me a training thing where I can go in once a week for a whole year to the Apple store in the mall and have a 1 hour training session on anything I want to do with my computer. We went in yesterday and had our first session, and they even gave me a book of all the command code things and it has spaces for notes and questions we come up with for next time. I was impressed with how friendly everyone was...who knows, maybe we're becoming Mac people!
The laptop has a built in webcam, so we were able to talk to and see Eric's brother Brandon last night. We also got to meet a few of his friends. That was fun, we haven't seen him in a long time.
It also has all kinds of fun photo editing things, so we've had a lot of fun playing around with it, as I'm sure you'll see as we post our weird pictures in the next couple of days.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Hanukkah Pictures

Before it gets too late, I have to post about the amazing Hanukkah celebration we had! The ladies started the afternoon with lovely conversation and delightful appetizers while the men got to work in the kitchen. The latkes were better than they had ever been! Grandpa said Eric must have helped that because this was the first year he fried, and that he'll have to make sure he does it again next year. They were so so good. I have a couple of pictures but have yet to get them up yet. It was a really fun Hanukkah! 

Monday, December 17, 2007

Picture time

Janelle's Wedding Pictures

The wedding was fun, we had a good turn out despite the weather. It was a very busy and crazy weekend but I think everyone had a good time.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Our little tree

We put up our little tree last week...and the cats promptly took it now it is just a bare tree in the middle of the dining room table. But we do light a candle every night to give it that real tree smell!

12 days of Christmas

December has just been flying by, I can't believe Christmas is only 12 days away. Happy Partridge in a Pear Tree everyone! We're getting excited about the holiday, I can't wait to see what Jasmine got me, and I can't wait to see her face when she opens my gift to her.

I've already taken both of my finals for this semester, I'm still waiting for my grades though. Only 2 classes left and I'll have my bachelor's! I got accepted to the MSIS program at Walsh. I'll be starting in the spring, right after I get my bachelor's. I should be done with that in 2 to 3 years, depending on how many classes I take each semester.

We're getting ready for the crazy wedding weekend, today feels like the calm before the storm. Although Sam is over and she and Jasmine are running around talking about hair and clothes and jewelry and accessories...I'm glad I don't have to stand up at this one. We're looking forward to being able to relax at a wedding and not be the center of attention.

This past Sunday we took the eldest 3 children of the Moore clan to Chuck E. Cheese's. I was just as excited as they were, it was a lot of fun playing all the games and winning a bunch of tickets. Between all 3 kids we had about 450 tickets, which were cashed in for a bunch of little toys, including a dart gun, some jewelry, and bubbles. I can't wait to go back!

I'll try to post more often, I'm sure Jasmine will have pictures to post after this weekend.