Thursday, March 29, 2007

100 days until the wedding!!!! We're in the home stretch, the time in which everything is getting soo crazy! Our wedding shower is May 20th, mark your calendars, but you'll get an invitation too of course. We went and registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, where they give you the little scanner and you go all through the was so overwhelming! It was like this pot, or this pot, or this pot, and the wall of kitchen utensils like whisks and spatulas and stuff has never looked bigger. It was really fun, but not something I would want to do on a regular basis. It took us a good 6 hours total I think, we did it on 2 separate days, and one of the days the store closed at 7 but they let us stay until we finished, which was a little after 9. It was fun to be the only ones in the store, that made it a lot less stressful. We haven't gotten around to anywhere else to register, we'll get there. Its exciting, and stressful, and the next 100 days should be very very interesting!

Monday, March 26, 2007


Wow, that Winter Semester at Walsh went by so quick!

I got an A in both classes though! My cumulative GPA is 3.833 now =)

This next semester which starts in one week from Tuesday is going to be tough.

On Tuesday I have Software Engineering II, the first semester was good, I expect this class to be good too.

On Wednesday I have BIT Compliance, it is all about different standards and laws that apply to information technology, it should be interesting at least.

On Thursday I have Database Administration, I think this class will be a lot of fun, it is probably going to be one of the more technical classes I'll have at Walsh.

Sadly, my Friday Interpersonal Communication class at OCC will be going until April 27th so I'll have 4 night classes a week for 4 weeks.

Things are going well though, I am getting ready to finalize everything for the Condo and just about everything is planned for the wedding!

Happy Spring everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The First Final

Turns out the Online Orientation was scheduled to go until 7 so we had to find another room...

We got settled down and then had to fill out the professor evaluations so we didn't get started presenting until 7PM.

I ended up fourth out of fifth, not my favorite position. I usually like to go first or last, I wanted to go last this time so I could gauge everyone else's presentations. It was an odd room so everyone else sat to do their presentations, I prefer to stand. Also, the girls were somewhat dressed up, but I was the only guy with a tie on (I hope that means bonus points).

My presentation went pretty well, I felt a little scattered, but I was trying to go through it fast because I didn't present until 8:30. My professor seemed to l like it though, he said he felt I obviously knew enough about network architecture.

We got out at 9, everyone was relieved.

Now I just have to worry about tonights final, it is open book and open notes, but the review questions were pretty tough...

On top of that, I left my books and notes at home, luckily Mom is going to bring them up and we can have lunch together, that will be nice.

Alright, back to work, more later.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The calm before....

So, I finally get everything finished for class and I get to school and they are doing online orientation in our room! So all of us just went into the other lab and hijacked some computers to do last minute touch ups for our presentations and papers. Things are going well, I managed to get everything I needed to get done finished even with time to spare. I am looking forward to my classes next semester, I am taking Software Engineering II on Tuesday night, Business IT Compliance on Wednesday night, and Database Administration on Thursday.

The only sad part is that my Friday night class at OCC isn't over for a few more weeks so I'll have 4 night classes a week for a bit...

I keep forgetting I am in an online class, it is pretty much a joke, I just have to go on once a week and do a few things, write a few paragraphs and I stay caught up.

Interestingly at work, an opening for a Datatel Programmer (which I am not really qualified to be anyway) had been opened back in September that was closed and they were doing interviews last month. I guess they didn't find anyone they liked to they re-opened it. It says minimum qualifications are a bachelors, but mine is in progress. I am going to email around and see what I can find out =)

After Wednesday's final I'll only have 4 more semesters at Walsh until I am done, wow that is going by fast!

I am already starting to look into schools for a Masters Degree, I don't want to get stuck in a rut only going to Walsh, but we'll see...

Alright, off to class now, wish me luck!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Things have been busy

Hey everyone!

It has been awhile since I have been able to update. I was just checking out Blogger which Google runs now I guess. It seems really cool so I switched over all of my old posts from and reposted them in Blogger.

Aside from that, things have been very busy. This week is finals week at Walsh so I have my finals for BIT Architecture (which did run with 5 people by the way!) on Tuesday and Software Engineering I on Wednesday. I really should be working on my final presentation/paper for Tuesday night but this is too cool!

I guess I should get back to writing, I'll post some more after my finals and I get some more time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


On Tuesday, Eric got a call from our condo people, letting us know that our condo was done!!! They wanted to schedule a walk through with the builder. Our schedule is kind of crazy so we're still trying to work that out, but today we were really excited so we called the place and they said we could come in and just look at it without the builder. So we went in, and its beautiful!!! We took a bunch of pictures, and Eric made a cool web album so you don't have to wait for them all to load on this page...
Our finished new house!!!