Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The First Final

Turns out the Online Orientation was scheduled to go until 7 so we had to find another room...

We got settled down and then had to fill out the professor evaluations so we didn't get started presenting until 7PM.

I ended up fourth out of fifth, not my favorite position. I usually like to go first or last, I wanted to go last this time so I could gauge everyone else's presentations. It was an odd room so everyone else sat to do their presentations, I prefer to stand. Also, the girls were somewhat dressed up, but I was the only guy with a tie on (I hope that means bonus points).

My presentation went pretty well, I felt a little scattered, but I was trying to go through it fast because I didn't present until 8:30. My professor seemed to l like it though, he said he felt I obviously knew enough about network architecture.

We got out at 9, everyone was relieved.

Now I just have to worry about tonights final, it is open book and open notes, but the review questions were pretty tough...

On top of that, I left my books and notes at home, luckily Mom is going to bring them up and we can have lunch together, that will be nice.

Alright, back to work, more later.

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