Thursday, March 29, 2007

100 days until the wedding!!!! We're in the home stretch, the time in which everything is getting soo crazy! Our wedding shower is May 20th, mark your calendars, but you'll get an invitation too of course. We went and registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, where they give you the little scanner and you go all through the was so overwhelming! It was like this pot, or this pot, or this pot, and the wall of kitchen utensils like whisks and spatulas and stuff has never looked bigger. It was really fun, but not something I would want to do on a regular basis. It took us a good 6 hours total I think, we did it on 2 separate days, and one of the days the store closed at 7 but they let us stay until we finished, which was a little after 9. It was fun to be the only ones in the store, that made it a lot less stressful. We haven't gotten around to anywhere else to register, we'll get there. Its exciting, and stressful, and the next 100 days should be very very interesting!

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