Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Homeschooling today

Yesterday we started our new curriculum. We decided to stick with Sonlight, Jeb is doing Core A. Core A includes bible and memory verses, literature, cultures, biology, physics, and he's doing 1st grade reading and math. The math is Horizons, which is one of many options got math from Sonlight, but I didn't realize it was a Christian curriculum. Yesterday we read the creation story in the bible, and today in his math book he is writing the numbers to the corresponding day of creation. So far he is still really excited to do the work, he LOVES his reader and wants to just read the whole thing. He did not enjoy the copy work exercises, which work on handwriting and sentence structure. This morning he asked if be could only read and not write :) and he enjoyed science and math yesterday too.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The swingset project, phase 1

We finally found a swingset that we liked, and bought it right away, since the store only had 3 of them. Then it sat in our garage while we patiently awaited the end of winter in Michigan. We're actually still waiting, it's snowing outside right now, but we did have a few nice days last week to get started.

The kids posing by the boxes. The boxes behind the grill are all the heavy wood pieces, and the slide is to the left.

My dad, aunt, and uncle came over to help, and the kids were eager to help too. We started on a Thursday evening and worked until dark

The million lb bag of bolts and screws-very intimidating!

We didn't get very far that night and decided to keep working on it on the next warm day-Sunday. Vivi had the flu so I stayed inside with her all day, but they got a lot accomplished!

Hopefully it will only take one more day's worth of work and we'll be able to really enjoy it!
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Hands On Museum Fun

The house that Journey built

Vivi and Jeb built this house all by themselves!

It took poor Journey forever to finally get her feet up on that bottom step, she was so proud!
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