Friday, May 30, 2008


It is amazing how fast time seems to go by. Since last time I updated a ton of things have happened!

I started working the night shift instead of my previous noon-8:30 for Trinity. I get a bonus for working the off hours, and increased responsibility (I am the only Cerner specialist working the night shift).

I completed my second Associate's degree from OCC Cum Laude!

I completed by Bachelor's degree from Walsh Cum Laude!

I started my Master's degree from Walsh. I am going to be doing the Project Management specialization and I plan to get certified after taking the courses. I am hoping to complete the program by December 2009, but it depends on the schedule of class offerings.

The Memorial day parade was awesome! Jasmine, Jeff, Joann, Kristy (the director), Kristy's daughter and I represented Hospitality House (the local food pantry). Jeff created a costume for 'Cash Man' to educate the crowd on the power of donating cash.

Cash Man came from the idea of Cash vs. Cans. If you were to go out and buy food to donate, you would spend about $1 for each can of food. If you were to donate that $1 to the pantry, they would be able to buy enough food from the food bank to feed 20 people!

Armed with two simple signs, "1 can feeds 1 - 1 dollar feeds 20" and "Donate Ca$h", we walked down the parade route and people were literally holding out $1, $5, and $20 dollar bills. Kids, instead of waiting for candy to be thrown to them, were excitedly donating money to help feed the hungry. We were not expecting such a reaction, all we could was to put the donations in our pockets until we got to the end of the parade. I nearly lost my voice with all of the shouting our message. By the end of the parade, the crowed had donated $342.45!

Our Church called a permanent Pastor a few weeks ago. I took over the role as the PowerPoint master. We have announcement, upcoming events and pictures running before service and the lyrics to our praise songs during service. Also, we started work on our website, we don't have much up yet, but go ahead and take a look.

We've owned our Condo for slightly more than a year now!

Our 1 year wedding anniversary is just a little more than a month away!

In a little less than 3 more months, I'll have been with Trinity for 1 year!

Time for me to get back to work, I will really try hard to update more often.