Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hopefully this post works-January recap

Since replacing our trusty old computer, I feel like I'm constantly fighting with the new computer to let me blog! Sometimes it won't even let me begin, and other times I have a bunch of pictures and a few paragraphs written and then it decides to quit on me. So frustrating!

There hasn't really been much to blog about-most of January was spent cooped up inside and I took very few pictures. Here are the only share-worthy pictures I took:

One day that it wasn't too cold, they got to spend a few minutes helping daddy shovel
 And then gathered some fresh snow to eat with maple syrup
 We celebrated 'Happy Jebby Day', Jeb's 2 year anniversary of being an American and member of our home. As usual, we celebrated with a big Ethiopian feast-his favorite!
 And just a cute one of Eric and the girls wearing their babies in slings. I'm not sure why Journey's glasses are off but Vivi is wearing glasses haha!

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