Saturday, January 6, 2007

I survived!

The Fall semseter is over and I survived! I got an A in both of my OCC classes bringing my GPA up to a 3.864 =) At Walsh I got an A in the Process Reengineering class and a B+ in the online Information System Security Class bring my GPA to a 3.75 which got me on the President's List (kind of like the honor roll)!. Things are going great though, next semester I am expecting to be taking Professional Communication online and Interpersonal Communication on Friday night. The Professional Communication class is just to transfer to Walsh but the Interpersonal Communication class is the 2nd to last class for my CIS degree at OCC =) All I will have left is Data Structures which I would have taken in the Winter but it conflicted with a class at Walsh. As for Walsh I am hopefully going to be taking Business IT Architecture on Tuesday night and Software Engineering I on Wednesday night. I havn't heard if the Friday night class has enough people to run at OCC yet and the BIT Architecture class only has 5 people enrolled so far so I am not sure if Walsh will run it or not.

Work is going great as well, we are just finishing up the busy time between semesters and are hoping for a smooth Winter semester start.

Thats all for now, I'll drop by later and update when I know about my classes next week.

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