Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ikea is Awesome

We bought a table and chairs last week! I know we have to stop buying this so we still have stuff to register for but certain things we fell in love with, like this table and chairs and they ran out of tables at the Michigan store so we had to send Eric's wonderful Aunt Chris and Uncle Howard in Pennsylvania to their store to pick it up for us. So we decided not to wait on the chairs either, just in case. We close on the house in 17 weeks!!! I'm getting very excited...even though I don't get to move in until after the will be nice to have a home, and to be able to put our stuff in it, instead of taking over my room, the spare bedroom, Janelle's bedroom, and a good portion of the basement. (it has been wonderful to get gifts from our registry for our birthdays, Hanukkah, and Christmas, but we didn't think about having to store everything until after the holidays when we had piles of appliances, house decorations, and towels all over the place.)

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