Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Just a little update on Sam...she's 22 weeks pregnant now and in the last two weeks has just gotten soo big! He's moving around and kicking and growing like crazy. So I just thought I'd share.
We're having a lot of fun planning for my very first nephew. Baby boy clothes are oh so cute!
The kids I nanny for are FINALLY getting better after a couple of weeks of being really sick. Kaylee had a bad cold and an ear infection, and David had a bad cold that turned into pneumonia. I survived that week...I've been taking vitamins and sucking down Airborne...but this week I'm getting stuffy and my throat is sore so I'm afraid I may be getting sick now.
Only 6 more Montessori weekends to go! I'm coming home early for this coming weekend because my Grandma Ruth will be in from Florida and we're doing a bunch of family stuff.

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