Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Recap

With the weather being so cold, we've been getting creative with some fun indoor activities!

The girls had a reading party with their dolls
 Vivi mastered a major skill-folding socks! Her fine motor skills are way behind, so this was a big deal! We had to silently shush big brother from across the room when he tried to point out that her first pair of folded socks don't actually match, but since then she's been matching and folding her own socks with such pride :)
 The weather was finally (briefly) warm enough to make good packing snow, and Jeb made his first snowman of the year

 And in a big finish to the month, Jeb lost his first tooth on the 28th! It was a little bit traumatic even though it just popped right out-that was the best smile I could get out of him. I had to promise he could keep his tooth, and that I'd take a picture and he could keep the picture.  :)

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