Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I SEE you!

We got the call from the eyeglass place at 4:40, telling us that Journey's glasses were in and we could pick them up before 5 today, or any time tomorrow. We rushed out the door and got there with 5 minutes to spare! While we waited (they take their sweet time there and have no problem socializing and not working, right in front of the customers...) Jeb and Vivi were asking why they couldn't get glasses. Life just isn't fair, is it? ;)

We haven't noticed a difference in her vision yet, but mostly we've been saying "keep your glasses on...leave them alone...don't pull...where did you stash your glasses this time?!?!" I'm sure it's a funny feeling to have them on all the time and it will probably take a few days. We may not really notice a difference around the house since she is so familiar with her surroundings here.

Look at my cutie!

She finds this picture particularly funny and keeps asking to see it, and then mimicking the pose :)

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