Friday, February 3, 2012

Around the house this week

Exhibiting some very boy play behavior

Taking Journey for a ride in the hamper-I couldn't get a good picture but she was THRILLED!

Helping daddy with a pipe leak

After watching the horses out his bedroom window for a couple of weeks, he finally asked to go see them. They are friendly horses and are used to getting treats from people, so when you walk up to the fence, they'll come to you to check you out. Jebriel ran back to the house screaming :( Vivi was so cute with them, I snapped a couple of quick pictures before we went back to comfort Jebby. She was saying "hello Red, how are you today? I am good!"

Hello Jessie!

Back in our own yard, Jeb recovered and wanted to stay outside and play. Putting the sleds to good use, I had them on a stick hunt for kindling for the woodburner. They loved it and filled both sleds! Now if we could get them to chop wood...
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