Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hands-On Museum

My bff, who also has a 4 year old son, suggested that we have a playdate at the Hands-On Museum. Basically it's all for kids and you can touch everything, which is great for kids AND parents (especially a mother of 3 little ones who love to touch EVERYTHING!) So we packed a lunch and met them there this morning. The kids had a blast, we only made it to the first 3 floors, then after lunch a certain 2 year old had a meltdown and we had to leave ;)

The only picture I got of all 3 of them. A few months ago we were at the mall and just happened to walk into a big sale at Baby Gap and they had these adorable, super soft jackets. I couldn't help but get one for each kid (although I think my mom ended up buying?). They are all different colors but the same jacket so I thought it would help me keep track of them in case the museum was busy. This was Jebriel's first outing like this, and he did great! We've noticed he does really well on outings that aren't about him, but he gets overwhelmed at family events at church, where everyone wants to greet him and stare at him.

He built a structure (with a little help) and then dove into it, laughing hysterically :)

Journey very seriously building a tower with a staff member

Camden and Jebriel with the trains, which were his favorite thing until....

The real ambulance! Luckily that floor was pretty empty so he only had to hop out to give someone else a turn twice. He probably spent 20 minutes pretending to drive and making vroom and wee-ooo noises.

Vivi pretending to be hurt

And driving the ambulance, while Jebriel danced around impatiently to have his next turn :)

Journey loved this piano, she danced up and down it, sometimes wiggling her hips and clapping.

Everyone enjoyed the trip, and we'll definitely be going back again soon!
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