Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 2

It wasn't until day 2 that Jebriel discovered that his bed drawers had toys in them! He was so excited by the cars that he ran to get Vivi (they are best buds and if he finds something exciting, he has to go take her hand and lead her to it) and they took all the cars out and drove them around. Journey joined in the fun too (she fell on the cement steps outside and scraped her face up-hence the giant bandaid on her forehead) Another side note, Vivi picked her own clothes (because Jebby picks his own clothes and dresses himself) and Journey is still wearing the same shirt as Day 1. She wanted to sleep in it, and then in the morning when I tried to take it off, she hugged herself and said "sister!" and wouldn't take it off :)

Isn't he beautiful??

Trying on his hat and silly bands

Jeb's favorite game in Ethiopia is the fishing game where the plastic fish go in a circle and open their mouths, and you have to try to catch them on your hook. We bought the game for our house, and the kids love it! While we put dinner away, they played, and the 2 bigger kids kept coming in to show us the fish they had caught:

Journey has been completely unsuccessful at the game, but wanted to show us a fish too, so she marched into the kitchen all proud of herself:

Yes, our Christmas tree is still up! We decided to wait to do our family Christmas until Jeb was here to celebrate with us. In the future we'll keep it up through Ethiopian Christmas (January 7th) and then put it away :)

Then we had some water fun-Jeb is taking a preventative medication that requires a syringe, and he saw it on the drying rack and wanted to play with it, so I gave him a bowl of water. That's right, we're cool parents like that ;) We had a couple of syringes and droppers in the medicine cabinet so they all got to play. They were soaking wet, and so was the kitchen (Jeb discovered that he could hit the kitchen window from his spot on the floor!) but they had a great time! It's fine motor skills and cause and effect, right? Anything for learning! ;)

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