Friday, January 20, 2012

Brother and Sisters

Just a few funny pictures from the last couple of days.

leaning on each other while watching a movie

Then he decided to really relax!

I replaced the bandaid on Journey's forehead and the other 2 decided they needed bandaids too. Luckily I have some dollar store bandaids that aren't good for anything else!

Also, you'll notice he's wearing a suit. Dress pants, dress shirt, vest, and tie. We have a range of clothes in his closet from sweats to blazers, but so far he has only picked really dressy stuff. I'm not complaining, it looks adorable on him! Also, he'll go in his closet, pick out a suit or vest or sweater, get all dressed up, look in the mirror, and then ask to go somewhere. Like he thinks he looks so great that he should go out. This particular evening we went to Costco to buy yet more clementines. He has been home for 8 days and we are on our 3rd bag! Because he loves them, the girls love them, and 6 oranges a day makes the bag disappear fast!

I put laundry away and hadn't taken the baskets downstairs yet, and Jebriel discovered that he can sit in it and scoot around! Vivi tried, but was unsuccessful. Jeb would climb into the basket, decide which direction he wanted to go, then say "chou chou!" (Amharic for bye bye, it's the same as the Italian 'ciao', part of the Italian influence from when Italy breifly occupied Ethiopia. But then it would take him a dozen scoots to make it just a couple of inches, so he'd turn and say "chou chou" again, and try scooting away faster. Such a silly boy :)

And since most of the pictures of Jeb include Vivi but not Journey, here is one of Journey's new pasttimes, making silly faces! You can also see that her forehead is starting to heal (this picture was taken just a few hours ago) and doesn't seem to hurt her anymore :)
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