Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Activities

My day-to-day posts are slowing down as we get into a routine. This was Monday, day 5.

The kids helped Eric make pancakes for breakfast (please excuse my messy kitchen!):

We tried playing a board game...this is Super Why ABC Game, which covers upper and lower case letters, rhyming, and identifying the first letter of a word. It says for ages 3+ but we bought it for Vivi since she knows her letters. Unfortunately, she's the only one that does, and really all they wanted to do was play with the spinner anyway. We tried to turn it into a counting game, putting the cards away and letting each kid spin, then we would all count as they moved that many spaces. It worked, Jebriel can count to 4 in English consistently :)

And after dinner they helped me put address labels, stamps, and decorations on invites for my sister's baby shower.

When the envelopes were well stickered, stamped, and decorated, they were still feeling crafty so I pulled out some paper, crayons, and markers, and we got a cute video that I'll put in the next post, so stay tuned!
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