Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hair time, and siblings

**I meant to post this the other day, I'm not sure why it didn't post...but enjoy!

We did a different style on Vivi's hair today, and when I do something new, I like to take a picture so on a day I'm lacking inspiration, I can go back and look for some ideas. I also have a few other friends on facebook with African American daughters and we post our hair pictures and then look through each other's pictures for inspiration.

For those who are curious, I sectioned the hair and rubber banded it, then did three 2-strand twists out of each section. I didn't tie them at the ends, just twisted them around my finger. Then I took each twist, one by one and went in a circle around the others. Sort of like a zulu knot, only with multiple twists.

After finishing the style, I had her sit on the floor so I could get a picture of the top:

And how it looks from the front:

Then Jebriel wanted to sit for a picture:

And so, of course, Journey did too :)

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