Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day!

One thing I remember from my childhood is that my mom always did something to celebrate every holiday. Little things like putting colored food dye in our bread or pancakes (red for Valentine's day, green for St. Patrick's day, etc) and I always loved celebrating all the little holidays, and we want to do that for our kids. In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, I started telling the kids about it, and we made a few valentines. The day before, we decorated the house by coloring on hearts, and I cut out a bunch of little hearts (which was actually my failed attempt at making a paper heart chain) and let them tape them all over the house.
 I did manage to figure out the heart chain, which Jebriel was especially impressed by. I made one just for him to hang in his room. You can also see his art gallery.

The night before, we went to Party City and got each kid (plus Camden) a heart mylar balloon. It gave them hours of fun, and they're still floating tonight, so there's more fun to be had!

After we put the kids to bed, I pureed some strawberries and Eric made some heart shaped pancakes. They didn't turn out very pink though-I think the problem was the whole wheat flour, white flour probably would have taken on the pink color rather than the strawberries taking on the whole wheat brown. But, they were hearts, and they were yummy! We did them the night before because they aren't very good at waiting for breakfast, so in the morning we were able to eat them right away :)

My bff's husband works nights so we invited her and her son over for a mini party! We did make-your-own pizzas

And I made a special Valentine's drink by mixing club soda with cran-raspberry juice. They were a little young to appreciate the special-ness of the bubbles-we don't buy juice so that in itself was a special treat. But I liked it!

The kids played and we had an impromptu dance party, and then dipped fruit and cookies in chocolate for dessert. It was a really fun Valentine's Day with all of my Valentines!

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