Monday, February 27, 2012

What kind of fruit?

Just wanted to share a conversation I had with Jebriel today during their after nap snack. His English is coming along impressively well, but it's little things like this that can get really confusing:

Jeb: What's that?
Me: grapefruit!
Jeb: orange?
Me: No, it's like an orange, but it's grapefruit
Jeb: grapes?
Me: Not grapes, grapefruit
Jeb: not grapes?
Me: Nope, not grapes, it's grapefruit
Jeb: ....what is it?

And if you're wondering, wikipedia says that grapefruit gets its name because of the way the fruit grows in clusters on the trees, apparently looking like bunches of grapes.

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