Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wife'n it up

We're finally getting into a somewhat normal schedule. All of the out of towners have gone home and Eric went back to work. Yesterday I had to work too, Eric got up and made waffles and we ate breakfast together before going to work. We had our first married shopping trip on Monday night. We had so much chicken left over from the wedding, and a lot of strawberries and grapes from Larry and Vlad's surprise, and Eric stocked up on pasta before I moved in so we didn't need much. Frozen veggies were on sale so we stocked up on that, and ground beef. We forgot milk and ran out of eggs so we went back last night and decided we needed more beef, we're so sick of chicken. So we bought a thin steak for stir fry, and a big chunk of meat that I'm going to attempt to make roast with. We bought freezer paper, so I cut the chunk in half, I think I used the freezer paper right, and put half of it in there (remembering to label and date it clearly) We didn't get the crock pot we registered for so I'll be attempting the pot roast in an actual pot. If the recipe is good I'll share it. Last night was our first real dinner here, I made macaroni and cheese and we put some frozen veggies in, and Eric shred up one of the chickens from the wedding and put some of the onions and peppers and sauce from the chicken container. It was really really good. We had what Eric thinks is called a brown cow for dessert...pepsi and chocolate ice cream. We have so much pop and ice cream left over.

We put the bookshelf together in the bedroom, and it even has books on it! We went and picked up the entertainment center but haven't put it together yet. The house is really coming together. We'll put up more pictures soon.

Eric's potatoes are old so I'm off to buy some new ones.

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  1. I'm so proud of you for the labeling and dating!!!!!! We'll make a geeky Charnesky out of you yet. lol