Saturday, July 21, 2007


Eric surprised me the other day by telling me that he had arranged for us to adopt 2 kittens. We went to pick them up today. They are soooo cute!!!

Kitten Pictures

We haven't named them yet, we have a couple of ideas in mind though. They are 7 months old, and they're brothers. They're Bengals, which seem to be very interesting cats.

Wikipedia-bengal cats

Basically, the breed was started by breeding an Asian Leopard Cat (a wild cat from Asia) with a domestic cat. Ours are f4, which means they are 4 generations in from that. The point of breeding them is to get a wild looking cat that is friendly.

A lot of people say they have the personalities of dogs, which seems to be true. I played tug of war with one of them, with a feather stick, and he just kept pulling! They're also very vocal, the wild cats make a lot more sounds than just meows so that they can communicate in the wild. We've already heard a few of these noises.

They're so much fun already! I keep stopping this post to take more pictures. :-)

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