Thursday, July 5, 2007

4th of July

Yesterday was SO much fun! Its one of my favorite days of the year, everyone goes to Uncle Rick and Aunt Laura's and just hangs out by the water. It may be a little less relaxing for them since they're the hosts and had to get everything all ready for it, but everyone just has so much fun. There were boat rides and paddleboat rides, yummy grilled food, SO many desserts, the kids went fishing, and when it was getting dark we made s'mores and played with sparklers while watching the fireworks. It was nice to just relax at a party that isn't all about me...between birthday stuff and wedding stuff I feel like I'm always in the spotlight lately, which I don't always mind but it was nice to just enjoy myself and not have to entertain.

Here are some pictures of the day

Eric and I were sitting out on the dock at one point, and Mikal and Adam came out and told us they were going fishing. They got their poles and got all ready and in position, and then looked at us and said "where's the worms?" The worms were in a box by our feet, and they were the huge nightcrawler kind. So I said "they're right here, you can get one out" and Mikal said "I'm not touching that!" and Adam said "You think we're crazy enough to touch a worm??" I wasn't about to touch them, they were too big, and Eric doesn't touch any creepy crawly stuff. Finally Malik came to my rescue and got one out for them. There weren't any big fish hanging around, but they caught a couple of small ones.

The fireworks on that lake are always so good! Everyone just sets them off on their own so there were little firework shows all around the lake.

This may be my last entry before I become Mrs. Jasmine Charnesky. I don't know how long it will be until that name starts to sound normal.

Today Sam and I are going to the Tricho salon and spa for my facial and nails, and Sam is getting a manicure. Then back to her mom's salon to get our eyebrows done. I can't believe the wedding is the day after tomorrow!!!

We had a little scare last night with the oven. My mom is making the wedding cake, and she was going to start baking today. The oven light burned out so my dad was replacing it, and shorted out the oven! Luckily he was able to fix it and wedding cake baking is going as planned. It smells so good in the house!

Aunt Karen loaned me some cds to use for wedding music, songs like the hokey pokey and the chicken dance, and then some other party songs. One I had never heard before, but am going to remove from the list, is Strokin' by Clarence Carter. Most innapropriate oldy song I have ever heard in my life! I'm glad I was listening to them while I was ripping them to my computer! There are a lot of really good ones on here though, I'm really excited!

Time to get ready for the spa! I'll see a lot of you tomorrow!

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