Monday, July 9, 2007

This is our first entry as a married couple! The wedding was great, we'll have pictures of that at some point. We have pictures of the rehearsal dinner, which was fun, we ate dinner and played games and hung out with our friends. The wedding day was a lot of fun, it was pretty hot in the church and there were some minor issues, but nothing that we can't laugh about later. It was fun to spend the whole weekend with all of my closest friends. The reception was great...Larry and Vlad were mischievous as usual, but they actually came through and left us a great surprise when we got home. A bowl of strawberries and grapes, candles everywhere, and some romantic music.

We also have some pictures of the church reception, and of our 'day after' party, where a few close family members came over to help us eat leftovers and watch us open our presents. We also had a surprise birthday for Kana.

Kana's visit has been wayyyy too short, but it was fun to meet her mom.

I haven't quite settled in to married life...I still feel like I'm just visiting. And figuring out where everything is, and having a choice of bologna or ramen for a snack. But its a lot of fun.

We'll be sure to keep everyone updated as the pictures start coming in but enjoy the ones we have, and thanks to everyone that shared our special day with us!

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