Monday, July 30, 2007

Life the past week

We're finally getting into a routine now. The cats help, since we give them a little bit of canned food in the morning and at night, so thats when I do my morning and evening tidying of the kitchen. When I go back to work every day in the fall it will be a new adjustment. Right now I have tons of time to clean so we'll see what happens with that.

The cats are so much fun! We started locking them out of the bedroom so we can sleep...Max is fine, he plays all day and sleeps all night, but Ian likes to sleep all day, so he licks and nibbles our faces in the middle of the night, and that just had to stop. They haven't seemed upset about it, they don't whine at the door or anything so thats good.

Max is pretty dog like...he plays tug of war and meets us at the door when we get home, and loves to go for walks outside. He has a little harness and collar and he gets all excited when I get it out. He loves to walk...when I take him out during the warm parts of the day though I don't like to let him go out in the road because I think it might be too hot for him. He doesn't like when I carry him across the road to go to the grassy area...he wants to get down. He likes to stalk birds, and he catches a couple of bugs each time. He doesn't shy away from cars, and he always wants to go up to people. Ian isn't very interested in going out so he usually takes a nap while Max and I get some fresh air.

When Eric gets home from work he usually likes to lay on the couch and relax for a little while, and Ian is right there with him, usually on his chest where he can lick his face. They're good matches for each of us.

We went to see the Simpsons movie with Eric's cousin Jason and his fiance Tanya on friday for Jason's birthday. He loves the Simpsons. It was cute. The guys really liked it.

On Saturday we went to Natalie and Dave's wedding which was beautiful! I can't believe Grandma Charnesky made Natalie's dress!

Tomorrow I'm really excited because Eric is going mountain biking with Uncle Guy, and Alex and Sam are coming over (2 of the bridesmaids) and we're going to have pizza and make drinks and watch the wedding video. Just a nice relaxing girly night...since I've been living with a boy for 3 weeks!

Between eating at parent's houses and getting leftovers, and going to weddings, I haven't really cooked anything in the last week. I did make sloppy joes for the first time last week though. Eric said thats one of his favorite foods...I thought it was just okay.

My mom has 2 big crock pots so she gave me her small one, so I'm excited to try that. I've never used a crock pot before. I'm an on the stove kind of gal usually. I have the other half of that meat chunk I used to make pot roast before...anyone have a good recipe for a big chunk of meat in a crock pot?

My cousin Jennifer took this picture of us, isn't it beautiful? She's studying to become a photographer. (clicking on the picture makes it bigger)

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