Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Like a Bee!

Hey everybody! This have been so busy lately I have not had much time to post...

Things are going great! I had my midterm at Walsh this week for my E-Commerce class, it went swimmingly! Our kitties are so adorable and so fun to play with, Ian especially likes to let me know how much he likes me at 4 in the morning with kisses. Max seems to be a bit more playful but they are still warming up to their new home.

Jasmine has been fantastic, I hope she posts some more recipes of all the stuff she is cooking soon! I registered for my final class at OCC, it makes me feel a little sad knowing I won't have to take any more classes there after the fall semester, I know, a little weird, but still sad.

I finished Harry Potter, it was satisfying, I suppose...Still a great series

6 more weeks until this semester is over at Walsh, then only 4 more classes, I can't believe I am that close!!! March 2008 seems much closer now than before.

I'll see if Jasmine can post some pictures for me, I know we have a lot of kitty pictures, but they are adorable!!!


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