Monday, July 16, 2007


All of the wedding excitement is just about over. The gifts have been taken out of their boxes and are starting to get used, people aren't coming over everyday, and the mountain of thank you cards has a small dent in it. The rose Larry and Vlad got for our wedding night has officially died, and the leftover food has been either eaten or frozen. It will remain frozen for a very long time, as I don't want to see a piece of chicken again any time soon.

My dad came over this weekend and helped Eric measure, plan, and install shelving in the front closet. What was once a dumping grounds for anything we didn't yet have a place for is now 3 rows of shelves and a rod for hanging coats. When everything is organized on the shelves, it looks like a lot less stuff than when it was all stacked up on the floor.

Eric's grandma gave us some plant cuttings, including 2 plants that belonged to her mother, which is very cool. I also potted the ivy from my bouquet into 3 pots and put them around the house. It really adds something to the house.

We also had our first wedding gift breakage...I was washing the mirror in the bathroom yesterday and knocked the soap dispenser off of the counter. It only cracked on the outside so it doesn't leak, so thats good.

Aunt Ann Marie sent us our first pictures for the house, Grace, Zach, and Ana's school pictures which are adorable! We need to get a frame or something for them, but for now they're leaning against the clock on the entertainment center.

The house looks really different again, lots of new additions. Unfortunately my computer is still at my parents house but hopefully this week we'll get it over here and I can post more pictures!

The days that Eric has class and I don't have anything planned are pretty lonely. Its a long enough day at home when he's just at work but when he has class until 10 its like I don't get to see him at all. I may need a hobby...besides cleaning the house all day. I lemon pledged the table for the first time today, its beautiful and I may do it every day. I also used bar keepers friend on the pots today, which worked well.

I signed up for the fly lady website. I figure if I start out on it, it should be easy. Today it said to get out the duster and get all the cobwebs. I went all over the house...but didn't find any. I dusted the grates though.

8 1/2 weeks until the honeymoon!!!

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