Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

We had a chilly but fun Halloween this year! We started the day with a doctor's appointment, but we all wore our costumes. The doctor was dressed as a bunny, the kids got a kick out of that. Then we met Eric at Subway for a special lunch (somehow a long sandwich wrapped in paper is a special treat for the kids, even when it is piled with lettuce and other veggies. My kids are weird!) and went to visit my uncle's office. I worked there once upon a time and now I go back to visit every year for their Halloween party and to wish my uncle a happy birthday. After that we swung by my mom's store to say hi and smell some candles, then back home for quiet rest time.

FINALLY it was time for dinner and then costumes back on for trick or treating (I made them change for dinner, just to be safe!) It was chilly out so I had them put on fleece footie pajamas under their costumes, and we put their coats in the stroller.

Ready to go!

They were into it for the first house, then Vivi got shy and Jeb and Journey were left bravely marching up to every door yelling 'trick or treat'. Jeb thought it was funny that he got to walk up to houses and yell at the closed doors.

Picking a treat to eat while we walk. I convinced Journey to trade her shiny full sized 3 Musketeers bar for a small Reese's cup by telling her it has peanut butter in it-her favorite. They got a handful of full sized candy bars, aren't I-I mean they-lucky? ;)

We put coats on after about 8 houses, and trick or treated at maybe 12-15 houses before heading home. The kids loved going through their buckets and got to pick out one more treat to eat. Jeb and Vivi both decided that Skittles are their favorite candy, Vivi picked skittles for both of her treats tonight and before Jeb even knew what they were, he was picking them whenever he got a choice.

The other highlight for the kids of Halloween being over , besides having a lot of candy, is that their costumes are now 'toys' and can be worn whenever they want. They were Halloween party attire only until Halloween, so I think I'll be seeing them every day for the rest of the week :)
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