Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin picking!

In the past we have gone to a local apple orchard that just stacks their pumpkins in big piles by the barn, but with this being Jeb's first American fall season, I wanted him to see how they grow in a patch, so we found a different orchard.

We rode on the hay ride all the way back to the pumpkin patch

Jeb was determined to find one he could carry all by himself. He would start to pick one up, then decide it was too heavy and find another one. He finally settled on this one

Vivi had no interest in picking up any of the pumpkins because "they're too dirty!" I made her hold her pumpkin for a quick picture, and she hasn't touched it since ;)

And Journey is going through a phase where she thinks everything is going to eat her and was afraid of the hay ride tractor. Luckily Bapa was there to protect her and her baby pumpkin!

As we walked through the parking lot when we got there, Vivi, our resident nose, sniffed the air and said "I smell cinnamon donuts here!" And it's not a trip to the cider mill without eating some warm cinnamon donuts!

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