Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jeb's birthday party!

We celebrated Jeb's 5th birthday with a party. It was an extra special day because it was also his first birthday celebration in America!

He's been to a few birthday parties since coming home, so he had a good idea of what things he needed. He was very specific at times :)

He doesn't like cake or ice cream, but he LOVES cinnamon rolls, so that's what he picked for his birthday treat.

Stuffing treat bags


He was so proud that I filled a table with food just for his party

Mini cinnamon rolls for the guests

And I surprised him with a big Mickey shaped cinnamon roll for him, he loved it!

We played pin the ears on Mickey


And had sack races, which he had played at another birthday party and was obsessed with!

He was embarrassed when everyone sang to him, but his eyes were sparkling :)

He got lots of great gifts!

And of course the whole family wore themed outfits! Eric and I got our shirts on our honeymoon to Disney World. The party couldn't have gone better, lots of friends and family, good food, and tons of fun!

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