Monday, October 29, 2012

The goings on of October

October has been a pretty busy month for us! Vivi has dance class on Tuesday, Journey has dance class on Wednesday, and then Jeb had soccer practice Wednesday evenings and games Saturday mornings. Jeb is also enjoying his Friday classes at the homeschool enrichment hub. Eric got a teaching job at a local college, so he has been gone one evening a week, and then church on Sundays and our weeks are just flying by!

Jeb just had his last soccer game this past weekend, they won all but 1 game, although Jeb never cared about that, he just wanted to kick the ball as often as possible. He struggled on his team this year because it is a competitive team as opposed to the instructional classes he did in the spring. He is the smallest and slowest on his team and he knew it, so he didn't try very hard. He decided that he would rather take gymnastics, so I told him that he could do gymnastics after soccer is over. So, after every practice and every game he would say "Is soccer over and I can take gymnastics?". He never complained about going to the games, and he did like that his buddy Camden was on his team, he was just ready for it to be over. I'm glad that soccer is over too, 2 commitments per week was a lot and it was getting really cold out there for those early Saturday morning games!

During the game this weekend, Jeb and Camden were running after the ball right next to each other and when Jeb noticed, he smiled really big, until Camden sped up after the ball, leaving Jeb behind him. Then Camden noticed that Jeb wasn't next to him anymore and held his hand out, and they ran together, holding hands until the end of the play. It was so cute, and even cuter that my best friend's son and my son are such good buddies.

Jeb's homeschool enrichment hub had their Halloween party after school on Friday. It was supposed to be a Trunk or Treat, where you go from car to car, trick or treating, but it was cold and raining so it ended up being inside the building in the lobby. It started with a big group picture, then the kids went from parent to parent, collecting candy and toys. It was really fun, the kids enjoyed it a lot. It was interesting because we got to see the majority of the students all at once; the teens have their own lunch room and travel from class to class on their own, so you don't really see them. I was surprised how many teens there were, and all the kids looked like they were having so much fun. Something to look forward to for my kids ;)

The girls are both enjoying their dance classes. A few weeks ago, Vivi dropped a heavy puzzle on her foot and couldn't walk on it for awhile. When I told her that she might have to skip dance class if she can't walk, and she was so upset, and very willing to get up and try walking! She is taking a tap and jazz class, but likes tap best.

Journey is LOVING her 2 year old ballet class. She is so excited to do everything and so enthusiastic about every little thing. Every week they play 'freeze dance' where they dance around and then have to hold still when the music stops. It's the only time she doesn't do what the teacher says-she just can't stop dancing!

The kids have been enjoying the fall colors, it was Jeb's first time seeing the leaves turn colors and fall off the trees and he has been very impressed. We collected some leaves and did leaf rubbings, which worked out better than I expected for their ages.

So, everything is great over here! Super busy, but we're enjoying every minute of it :)


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