Monday, October 29, 2012

Journey's 23 hour EEG

Journey finally got her 23 hour EEG that we scheduled months ago. She was not thrilled about having dots drawn on her head, then wires glued on, but the staff was really good and they even wrapped her baby's head.

She was attached to a machine behind the bed by her wires, and she was pretty bummed about that.

Then lunch came and all was well :)

A volunteer from the DIA brought some kind of quick drying dough to make pencil toppers. She thought it was very cool, and named our creation Journey.

I invented a 'game' for her to play with some foam cubes I got at the dollar store. She had to match them to the colored squares I drew on the paper. She really enjoyed it and did it a few times. While getting the wires attached, she told everyone that purple is her favorite color, so the nurse went and got her a Project Linus blanket with purple in it to cuddle with.

And of course, multiple calls to Bapa and Daddy were made. Bapa is her go to person when she has something brave to announce, such as every single time we put in or take out her ocular shell. The moment it's done she says "I call Bapa??"

We still haven't gotten the results of the EEG, she didn't have as many seizures as usual (of course!) but we did catch a couple so hopefully that will give them an idea of what is going on.
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