Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey's new ocular shell

Journey got her new painted ocular shell a few weeks ago, what a difference!

As you can see here, it is painted to look just like an eye, and the pupil is clear to give her left eye a chance to see, until she's old enough to really tell us how well that eye works. There is also a small hole drilled in the lower part of the eye for drainage.

Putting it in and taking it out is no different from the clear shell as far as how to do it, but taking it out definitely weirds me out more now, because it looks like I'm putting a suction cup in and pulling out her eyeball!

"Ok baby, I put in your ocular shell!"

Here are a couple of before shots. The second one is a really good shot of her micro eye, please excuse the lunch on her face ;)

And after!

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