Monday, April 23, 2012

Homeschooling, day one

We officially began homeschooling this morning. I like to think that the world is our school and we are always learning, but today we started following the schedule from our Sonlight curriculum. It's a very light program for this age that only takes about 20 minutes, which is very appropriate for our attention spans right now :)

The teacher's guide is laid out in a way that shows you which books you need each day, and which passages from each book you'll read. It also gives some ideas of other activities to do to round out the lessons. The first day of each week, a memory verse from the bible is introduced, and the rest of the days we read from a children's bible. We also did a passage from the Berenstein Bears Science Almanac, which talked about months of the year, a poem about Mother Goose, a story about a crafty rabbit who outsmarts a tiger, and a short poem about a chick hatching from an egg. From there we went to the computer and watched a video of a chick hatching from an egg, which they thought was very cool, but then they wanted to see other animals coming out of eggs. That's a lesson for another day ;) There is a workbook that came with the curriculum that works on basic skills like same/different and pencil control. Jebriel struggled with the same/different concept because of the language, and Vivi wasn't ready or willing for the workbook, so she'll start hers later.

My happy pupils, ready to begin!

I also got a supplemental workbook about shapes for Jebriel. Each shape has it's own chapter and there are tracing activities which will help him learn these shapes, and also prepare him for learning to write letters later on. He was very focused, and enjoyed the workbook activities. He preferred the activities that required a pencil over those that required him to color something with a crayon. I think the pencil feels more grown up :)

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