Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jeb's first soccer class!

Jebriel is the kind of kid that, when excited about something, can focus on nothing else. We've casually mentioned for the past couple of months that we had him signed up for soccer, but didn't really start talking about it until last week. And all we've heard since we told him is "Soccer class today? Right now? I need to play soccer right now!"

Sunday morning we told him that he got to go to soccer the next day, so when he woke up from his nap he said "Soccer today??" And alllll day Monday he kept saying "Soccer time?" We explained a million times that soccer wasn't until after dinner time, so when he finished breakfast he said "Pancakes is dinner, Jebby go to soccer class now!" Same thing with lunch. The day dragged on for him, until about an hour before dinner when he dragged me to the clock and said "Soccer time???" with an exasperated voice. I showed him where the big hand had to be before we could leave and reminded him that we hadn't eaten dinner yet. He inhaled his food and ran off to get dressed, then stood by the table saying "Soccer time, let's go!"

This kid isn't excited at all!

Warming up (it was actually freezing and SO windy)

Team shirt, they are the Tim Hortons Timbits haha! He didn't know he was going to get an official soccer shirt, so he was beside himself! (the day after soccer class when I sent him to get dressed he tried to wear this shirt again)

There's a parent participation portion of the class, and Jeb chose me as his partner :) You can also see in the picture below that he's wearing plaid dress socks-apparently I don't know much about soccer equipment and his regular socks didn't go up high enough, so the shin guards made his legs itch...the only tall socks he has are his dress socks. And I know this because when he wears dress socks, especially with shorts, he pulls the socks all the way up to his knees :)

There was a little bit of sister interferance in this picture, poor Journey doesn't have a class yet, so she decided to take that matter into her own hands ;)

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