Thursday, April 19, 2012


We don't get visited by any woodland creatures on Easter Eve, so we started our Easter morning by corralling the kids in our bedroom and we watched part of Here Comes Peter Cottontail while Eric hid some eggs around the house. The kids didn't quite get it, although Jebby caught on and thought it was funny when he found an egg in a silly place like the toy microwave.

After all the eggs were found, we told the kids to hide the eggs for us while we went in the bedroom. They called us out a minute later, but all of the eggs had just been dumped in a pile on the floor and the kids were giggling. Maybe next year :)

We gave them their special Easter present, chocolate bunnies, and after they ate them for a few minutes, it was time to get dressed for church

After church they had an Easter egg hunt, and a bunny for pictures! After our experience with the Zoo mascot, I didn't think anyone would want to go near him, but Jeb thought he was hilarious and wanted to stand there with him all day! Vivi thought he was cool for a minute, and the only way I got Journey in the picture was by going around behind him, she was afraid of his face!

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