Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Journey's Surgery

I am so behind on blogging! Between all the life events and a technical problem with the way I upload my pictures, it got away from me.

I'll start with Journey's surgery a week and a half ago.She did great, as expected, she's such a trooper! I've seen her fingers twice since the surgery (once when she got her cast off 2 days after surgery, and again at her post op on friday) and they look pretty good. Actually they look like something from a horror movie but the skin grafts took and she's healing well so that's all a good thing.

Here is her before picture, this surgery was to separate her middle finger and her ring finger. The first surgeon did make a little bit of a gap there (not sure how they thought that it was good enough, but they were kind of an all around nightmare) but the gap wasn't enough and there was still too much skin attached to the ring finger, which was keeping it from growing normally. Actually if you compare her before and after pics from the first surgery, you almost wonder what they even did...

Anyway, this doctor is awesome and we love him, and he said he was going to make the gap between her middle and ring finger as deep as the gap between her ring and pinky-that's a huge difference!

In the waiting room after Journey and Sealy (and mommy and daddy) got their hospital bracelets!

Sealy's bracelet. They had to get an extender to make it fit!

Playing in pre-op. She was the only toddler, so everyone wanted to come play with her

The anesthesiology resident became her best friend by making her a glove balloon! She named the resident Ernie (His name was Corey...) and every time he walked by she tilted her head, batted her eyes, and said "Ernie!" How many people fall in love in pre-op? ;)

The surgeon came to mark her hand for surgery. She kept kissing her balloon friend!

In the car on the way home with Sealy, Bird, her glove balloon, and some bread since she hadn't eaten all day

Her new eating attire

She has been healing really well and has been in good spirits. The first few days she needed medicine every 4 hours, and the half hour before she was due she got a little cranky, but other than that she hasn't been slowed down at all :)

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