Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eric's birthday, the serious part

I got the kids up early (yes, Vivi insisted on sleeping in her pretty dress) to make breakfast for Eric's birthday

Giving daddy all of their homemade cards

After church, lunch, and naps, we went to Kensington to see the baby animals. It was chilly! I took about 10 pictures of this, and in every one, Vivi has her mouth open in that goofy pose, silly goose! The older kids liked the animals, Journey is still afraid of them. I thought her fear of animals might have been because she couldn't see them very well with her vision problems, but even with her glasses she wants nothing to do with any animals.

I let the kids make their own individual cakes for Eric, then they frosted them and dictated what to write on them. Jeb's is the square, Vivi's is the cupcake shape on top, and Journey's is supposed to be a princess. Their cake messages cracked me up, and they were all so proud of their creations!

We had hot dogs for dinner, which is a special treat around here. Vivi's mouth followed the hot dog, and not the bun, so you can see half a hotdog, but the rest of the bun is hanging down below her chin :)

After dinner we went to the park

And then we went home for cake, which is where the silly post begins :)
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