Thursday, May 3, 2012

Recap of the week

I feel like we've been busy, even though we don't seem to get out that much!

Jebriel had soccer class this week, it was pouring and only 3 other kids showed up. Jebriel has started a new phase where he won't do anything he's not good at. So when they try to teach a new skill in soccer, he refuses to do it. So this week we've been doing a lot of practicing at home and pep talks about how soccer (and life!) isn't supposed to be easy, but if we keep trying, it will get easier. We also watched some professional soccer players on Youtube, and he knows now that if he keeps practicing, he'll be able to run really fast while kicking the ball, and kick it really far. I've noticed this behavior at home too, he really struggles with puzzles and similar activities, so he avoids them. Something to work on :)

Homeschooling is going really well, the kids are all enjoying the stories, Jebriel asks every morning when I'm going to read to him, and they like to hear what we get to read about the next day.

We've also started customizing the curriculum a little-we're doing the 4/5 curriculum, and a couple of the books are a little above their heads right now. But, it's only a 36 week schedule so we'll be repeating it at least once, and we'll use those books later on. One book we added is Inside Your Outside, a Cat in the Hat themed book about the body. Jebriel is loving it! It packs a lot of information into the book, so we're only doing 2-4 pages at a time. He loves when I read about a part of the body, and then hearing that yes, he has a brain in his head too, and yes, there are bones in his hands too! His favorite topic so far has been bones and joints.

A favorite for everyone (me included!) is reading a poem from the book Animals Animals, which is full of poems about animals with artwork by Eric Carle

Jeb started asking how to write letters, and we were practicing outside with chalk, but we found this book at Target for $4. It uses dry-erase markers, so he can practice over and over again, and I feel like you can learn more precision with marker than with chalk on our bumpy cement walkway. So far we're just working on his favorite letter, J :)

Journey FINALLY got her cast off this week! I won't post the pictures of her hand yet, it's still a little gruesome, but it's pretty impressive! She got it off yesterday morning, and all day yesterday and most of today, she held her arm as though it were still in the cast, and didn't use her hand at all. This afternoon though, she started using it a little bit.

And warm weather + no casts= water play! I put some dish soap and water in the sand box, gave all the kids a wash cloth, and told them they could wash all the outside toys. I let them put their suits on for the novelty of it, but didn't expect them to actually play in the water. They washed the toys for about 15 minutes, and then ended up spending an hour playing in the soapy water like it was a pool! Maybe bathtime will be moved outdoors for the summer...

I just can't get a good group shot these days ;)

The trick of the day, dunking their heads in the water! Vivi only faked it, she hates having water anywhere near her face. I'm thinking swim classes this summer for the 2 who aren't afraid to put their whole heads under water though!

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