Thursday, May 24, 2012

Journey's health update

Journey had a procedure on Monday to both check her eyes a little more in depth, and also to fit her for an ocular shell. Usually ocular shells are painted to match the other eye and don't serve as a visual aid, but this one will be a little different. They made a mold of her eye:
He's going to use this mold to make a shell to cover her eye. This one will be clear to hold the space for a real one later, and to allow as much light as possible to get into her eye to see if it has any potential. They think it can see a little but aren't sure if it is able to improve at all. We go back in 4 months to see if that eye seems any better, and if it seems to have enough potential, they may try patching her good eye to strengthen the small one. Depending on how that goes, her future shell will have a painted on iris, and if she can see at all, the pupil will be clear, but if not, it could just be painted black. This will give her eyes symmetry, they'll both look the same size :)

Here's Journey playing before surgery, she thought it was hilarious to put a sticker on her nose, my nose, the nurse's nose... I'm so thankful she has such a strong spirit!

She also had an ENT appointment where they determined that she needs her tonsils and adenoids out, so she'll have that surgery in June, and hopefully it will help with her breathing. During that surgery, they're also going to do more in-depth testing on her ears to try to learn more about her hearing loss and see whether she would benefit from hearing aids. And on top of that, she has been doing some weird things the past week or so that suggest she may be having seizures, which is going to mean more appointments and tests. She's keeping us on our toes!
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