Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vivi's birthday weekend

Vivi turned 3 last weekend! We left for a week in Columbus after doing cake and ice cream on her birthday, so I haven't been able to post about it.

The day before her birthday (so they'd have a chance to use it before leaving for a week) my parents gave Vivi her present, a new, bigger than the sandbox pool!

One more bedtime as a 2 year old :)

Happy Birthday sister!

Vivi picked breakfast at the donut shop for her birthday breakfast, with sprinkles of course!

Journey's sprinkle-free donut

For lunch, she picked hot dogs, so on the way to the zoo, we stopped at Costco for giant hot dogs

Sibling love at the zoo :)

And for dinner, she requested noodles and shrimp, with peas and carrots. She also got her birthday 'picks' which were:
Cereal-Annies Cinnamon Bunnies
Ice cream-Turkey Hill Lady Liberty Mint
Juice- Bolthouse Farms Mango Smoothie
Chips-Cheetos, the natural kind so Journey could have them too
She also picked oranges for her birthday fruit :)

The best present of the day, bottles for her baby from Great Grandpa Bob (or as she calls him, Great Bob)

Japanese clothes for everyone from Aunt Kana

Donut cake, the ganache should have been thicker before I put it on but she still liked it :)
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