Monday, March 19, 2012

Out all day

Since our church moved it's service to Saturdays, which is also the day Vivi has dance class and most people plan events, Sunday has been our day of no plans, and we're liking it! The weather has been sooo nice, we have been spending as much time outside as possible. So Saturday night, Eric asked me what I wanted to do the next day, and I said I wanted to spend the entire day outside.

We started with breakfast on the new (and finally assembled) picnic table! Unfortunately it doesn't hold adults so we ate standing up...we'll have to find a small table and a couple of chairs for us.

The backyard, starting to get its color back

Eric started to get some yard chores done, and the kids wanted to help. They scooped up all of the leaves that had collected on the side of the garage.

Eventually I convinced them to get dressed. Or it got too hot out for them to wear their fleece footie pajamas. Either way, they got dressed, and played for awhile. This was the day we celebrated St. Patrick's Day (see previous pictures)

Then Eric and Jebriel started doing some raking in the back. We have a lot of pricker plants in the back so Eric had worked all weekend to clear as many as possible so the kids don't get hurt.

Then Eric took some rusty stakes out of the ground that used to hold up a fence but had just become a tetanus hazard. I didn't get a picture of him actually taking the stakes out, but resourceful Jebriel found this piece of cardboard in the recycling and pulled it up to watch Eric at work, and the girls followed.

We ate lunch outside, went in for naps, then came back outside. We did end up eating our corned beef and cabbage inside, along with some green bread. Ours turned out more green than the picture on that site, maybe because I also steamed and pureed some kale along with the broccoli. We did homemade shamrock shakes (not green because of Journey's allergy to artificial dyes), then spent the rest of the evening outside.

It was a great day and I'm looking forward to many more just like it :)
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